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The Science Behind Your Results: ‘Clean Eating – The Dirty Secret’

Hello from GYM MEDIC HQ!

Happy Wednesday! Oooh the mid week lull is real, but I’ve got just what you need to wash away those wednesday blues…Another blog post. This week we are talking CLEAN EATING…THE DIRTY SECRET.

I wonder how many of you saw the programme called ‘Clean Eating – The Dirty Truth’ last week on the BBC. A programme promising to deliver information and investigation into the claims made by the industry leaders in the ‘Clean Eating Movement‘.

I was pretty interested what the leaders in the industry would say when put under fire about their qualifications and the science behind their claims. I was READY to hear their opinions on the industry and talk about how positive AND negative it can be on body image.  But this unfortunately did not happen. Instead what I saw was a presenter trying to make friends with celebrities, enjoying his trip abroad AND avoiding all the hot topics! It really was the shame.

More and more on instagram and social media, people want to know and see THE TRUTH. Not a warped version of it.And its a shame that the TV show didn’t reflect this! Celebrities are posting photos of ‘THE REAL THEM’, with model Cara Delivigne posting with the caption:

Me all the time VS me very rarely!

This got an amazing amount of interest, along with many other similar stories it shows that the public increasingly want to see real images, with honest advice.

HEALTH AND FITNESS really IS important to me, but I think it’s getting a worse rep day by day. Why is this? People are  providing rules and advice on subjects that they are not experts. There is absolutely nothing wrong with posting photos of food and fitness regimes on social media, I obviously do it a lot and absolutely LOVE being inspired by others. However what one has to be careful of is NOT giving advice if you are not trained to!

If you have seen my blogs before I try and incorporate recognised national and international research, to help improve education of health and fitness. My primary aim is to underline how easily many illnesses can be prevented through a balanced healthy lifestyle….Without selling your soul to buy a cup of tea that will cure all your ailments!?!

So keep posted for more REAL advice, from sources you can TRUST and probably a few more photos of avocado!!

Hope this gets you all thinking!

THE GYM MEDIC, Over and Out.






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  1. Hello Dr.Bailey

    I am impressed by your blog and am an avid follower

    I have been mislead by many who claimed traditional remedies as a promise for great health. Where i come from , a renowned “health expert” has been promoting camel urine as a natural anti cancer treatment and i can’t bieleve how many if my friends and I have pursued such claims just because he is on a national TV program

    Now thanks to informed people like you and such blogs i can track the science behind any claims and stick to a diet that is really healthy while avoiding the media bullsh*t


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