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Scafell Heights

Hello from GM HQ, 

NEWS JUST IN…I’m back from the Lake District. We survived. And what’s more we have conquered another bucket list favourite…SCAFELL PIKE.

After a rogue breakfast of ham and cold croissants bought from the 24 hour supermarket, and a long drive through roads that made me nervous we were ready to start our climb!

The Weather: Despite our concerns over the English Autumn Weather, Tuesday turned out to be the perfect day. As soon as we donned our walking boots at the base of the mountain, the mist cleared and there was no signs of any clouds in the sky. It was beautiful.

The Summit: I would 100% recommend this walk. It was so much fun. Lots of scrabbling about over rocks to climb to the summit. We reached the top in a respectable 1hour 30mins and the whole round trip was 3 hours…Alright I admit it. We ran the last 300 metres as I spent too much time cooing over dogs on the way down.Guilty. The view from the top was spectacular. The rocky scenery was full of character (Pictured). It certainly was worth the walk… and the wait. I have been wanting to climb Scafell for ages but never had the chance.

The Route: We used the OS map and the OS app to navigate. To be honest the route is pretty self explanatory with signs and piles of stones along the way to keep you on track. I did absolutely love the OS app however. It works in real time using GPS to log your location and you also can see which walks have been done in the area. Furthermore you can log your own walks for others to see and all comes as a free extra when you buy a OS map. Bargain!

Difficulty: As with any walk there was a range of people and abilities walking Scarfell. Most coming up as we were going down. There’s always one runner, ALWAYS. Absolutely incredible. It’s definitely not as easy going as Snowdon for instance and that’s mainly because of the paths. As I previously mentioned they were quite rocky and uneven, but for me anyway that adds to the character of the place.

Overall:  5/5. What an incredible place. From start to finish, the drive, the route, the view, the company all amazing. My mother always says ‘It’s a shame everyone goes abroad for their holidays, as there’s so much unseen here in Great Britain’. It’s true. Yes you’re right mum. I admit it. But I do like a bit of sun and experiencing new cultures too!

Challenge of the Day: MAKE A BUCKET LIST. I haven’t ever made one and today is the day. First up on the list for me – BEN NEVIS, Scotland. Stay in touch – What will be the first on yours? Have you got any questions about health/fitness that you want answered?


Over and Out. 

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