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Because everyday is leg day!

Hello from GYM MEDIC HQ!

Today was another busy day on the front line of the NHS, but as always full of moments of laughter and fun!

Today for me I am back to leg day and though I usually do a 5 x 5 on the squat rack, followed with some weights, I like to finish with a body weight circuit to get my heart rate up.

Today’s circuit, is the CHALLENGE OF THE DAY! It is important to remember with all my fitness based challenges that you can make it as hard or as easy as you like depending on your fitness levels. By going as fast as you can, or by reducing the break between the rounds you can make it harder. Or increase the breaks if you are finding it a bit too tough! Body weight exercise is great for fat burning, as it HIIT training like this circuit. Happy Squating!

20 Jump Squats
40 Reverse Lunges
50 Step Ups (Any size box/step)
40 Wide Set Squats (wider than hips)

Repeat 3 x for time! I LOVE leg day!

Hope you enjoy this circuit you can do in the gym or at home!

Over and Out


Any Questions about any of the workout, don’t hesitate to tweet me @The_Gym_Medic

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