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Hello from GYM MEDIC HQ (GM-HQ)! 

I hope everyone’s Tuesday was fabulous and the weekend blues haven’t set in! Today was a mad day at work and unfortunately I forgot to take my water bottle in, so I drank very little water which was NOT ideal. It got me thinking…


Clearly I didn’t drink enough today as I felt thirsty, but is there an optimal quantity/day?

When I arrived home I got on the internet and started searching through medical research studies, randomised control studies, case based discussions and journal articles to get to the bottom of this conundrum for all you lucky lot. I thought it was an easy question to answer…I was wrong!

In the past it seems the daily 8 x 8 was suggested. This is 8 glasses of 8 oz of water per day. But where is the evidence? The problem is there doesn’t seem to be much and most research is based around the ‘average healthy adult’. This primarily poses the question, what is the ‘healthy average adult’…. and more importantly where can I find them!? Secondly when looking at the research behind this claim further, it looks as though the figure has been taken from an average of what a specific population has drunk, and says, HERE’S THE PERFECT AMOUNT!

One must remember that the level of activity in people’s life varies from sedentary to very active, and so their fluid requirements are very different. Furthermore some people have illness which means they must restrict or consume excessive fluid.

What I can say about the 8 x 8 rule is that it gives us something to aim for if one is finding it hard to remember to drink water. In an age where we seem to be tracking everything from calories to exercise, I would say drink regularly AND drink when your thirsty… if you are an ‘average healthy adult’ with no specific ailment (as mentioned above)!

Remember to follow your own family doctor’s advice and try and keep a bottle of water with you to encourage you to stay hydrated.


Happy Drinking (Water that is…)

Over and Out

The Gym Medic

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