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ABSolutely Strong

Hello from GYM MEDIC HQ!

Today has been super busy again as I have been preparing for a presentation I am doing at work tomorrow, alongside working a 11 hour day with 2 hours of driving! But it’s important to remember to relax, even on busy days…

Today one of my favourite series has restarted on Channel 4….SAS Who Dares Wins. It is a show which puts normal men through there paces to see if they are physically and mentally strong enough to be selected for SAS training. So I have to pause this evening and watch it! It’s incredible what the human body and mind can be pushed to and still come out the other side stronger. It makes you realise that you are your own limitation, and once you believe you can strive to do whatever you want by staying true to yourself. Keep dreaming big gang!

Oh and don’t worry, I will be doing today’s challenge of the day whilst watching SAS: Who Dares Wins Tonight #multitasking.

Today’s challenge is ab based. Once again you don’t need any equipment and just a little bit of room. And can even do it in your lounge or living room #EASY!  Try and speed up each set to get your heart rate up and those abs working!!

Over and Out


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