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Hello from THE GYM MEDIC HQ!

Today was the last day of my annual leave (sob), so I went back to Cambridgeshire to visit my fabulous family for lunch and a big catch up. My mum is currently on a paleo diet but instead of inflicting this on us all she made an amazing vegetarian chilli-con-carne which I served with salad (no rice today!) and a small dollop of sour cream, obviously a must!

Despite getting stuck in A LOT of traffic on the way home and singing hairspray at the top of my lungs to all the drivers on the M6, I still managed to get in a workout.

I find the hardest thing about working out in the gym is opening times and convinience. That’s why a lot of my challenge’s of the day will need no equipment whatsoever! So in times like tonight you don’t need to miss a workouts. Fitting in workouts when there is lots of fun to be had is always hard but I’m learning it’s a must for me to excel in other areas of life (more about that later!).

Any how, here is my Challenge of the Day! It’s important to push yourself and go as quickly as possible to get your heart rate up.


50 x Jump Lunges (25 each side)
100 x Air squats
25 x Burpes

3 sets for time. REPEAT.

REMEMBER: Always start with a bit of a warm up and to stretch after any workout. Today I squeezed in a 15 minute abs session after this quick leg day circuit. Hope you enjoy!! Let me know your progress and how you found it.

Over and Out

The Gym Medic

Any Questions about any of the workout, don’t hesitate to tweet me @The_Gym_Medic or Instgram @thegymmedic.


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