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Graduating into new Adventures!

Get excited, it's here... new blog, same values! #Health&Fitness

Welcome to THE GYM MEDIC website and blog! So happy you have stumbled across my little platform. I hope you enjoy what you find here. Whether you love food, fitness or have an interest in medicine and health this is the perfect place for you!

July 2016 marked the month I graduated from medical and the start of an incredible journey. Within weeks I started work as a doctor and formed my concept The Gym Medic. There are lots of excellent Instagram, Twitter accounts and blogs about. But this is a little different…

My platforms all interact and I try and provide simple science to help confirm the relevance and usefulness of different diets and fitness regimes. Furthermore I will shed the light on how each day we can do simple things to be healthier, with my fun #dailychallenge, so we can all be healthier together!

Finally, prevention is better than cure, so lets work together to spread awareness of how a balanced lifestyle can improve the physical and mental health of all.

Let the fun begin!

Dr. B 🙂

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