TGM TV: Ready. Steady. You’re a Doctor.

TGM TV: Ready. Steady. You’re a Doctor.

🥁 Drum roll purrrleaseeeee🥁 ➡️It’s TGM TV’s first release in the series ‘😷Clueless to Clinician😷’. ➡️We’re talking about the transition from medical school to life as a doctor! ➡️Created with footage from my Instagram takeover with @thewesnextstep, here I talk about 5th year medical students starting work earlier than they expected due to the COVID-19 pandemic and how to make the best of the earlier transition ✔️ ➡️Feel free to ask questions and I hope this series is going to be helpful for all you wannabe medics, medical students and foundation doctors who are looking for advice and guidance from peers ✔️😊 ➡️Let me know your thoughts 💜

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