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For some January 1st 2018 will mark the start of a journey towards health and fitness, and whilst the new year can be a great time to change old habits, I want to put to you a question…why not now?

MANY people think that infamous January 1st will change their lives in terms of health and fitness, and for some it acts as a perfect starting point for their journey. In reality for most this journey ends by the 23rd of January when old habits die hard and resolutions are broken.

Improving your health through eating well and exercising really is a lifestyle. You are making a conscious effort to improve your body and mind and this isn’t something that should be seen as having an end point. Confirmed, the early mornings don’t get any easier…especially in winter, but the feeling of having been out to exercise and ready for work all before 8am NEVER gets old!

To be honest most of us struggle at times to stick out healthy eating and a fitness programme, but do you know what, give it your best shot and you’ll love the benefits.

If you are even thinking about starting to take up a new sport, eat a little healthier or even hope to reduce your blood pressure if you have been diagnosed with hypertension, then seriously, what are you waiting for?

There are 50 days left in 2017. That’s 50 days you could be using to make a change, put yourself first and think about what your body and mind needs to thrive everyday!

Think about the WHAT, WHY, WHEN and WHO that’s stopping you from making changes in your lifestyle and address them. GPs are great nowadays at giving lifestyle advice, so why not book an appointment and speak with them, or even meet with a PT at your local health club. Even putting your trainers and socks out the night before may give you that little bit extra motivation to get you out for that early morning walk.

What am I going to do before the end of 2017? I’m going to try and go spinning twice a week and force myself to go to more yoga classes, because I’m not very good at sitting still and relaxing!

If you do one thing for me today, think about your targets for the end of 2017? Where do you want to be? And just remember, you’ll be 50 days ahead of those who waited for January 1st 2018.

Explore. Adventure. Get moving!

Over & Out!

The Gym Medic


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